Monday, January 3, 2011

Capper v. Folkbum on Milwaukee Safety

First, here's Folkbum on whether or not it's safe to live in Milwaukee:
Whatever you may think of life here in the urban hellhole that is Milwaukee, it's a lot safer than life in a lot of those exurban hellholes to the north and west of here.
But in the course of taking suburbanites to task for outrage over the Mayfair Mall incident, Capper suggests this may not be the case. In fact there may be a lot of crime going on that goes unreported.
this sort of thing is, most unfortunately, not all that uncommon in the poorer parts of the city. However, because it is so commonplace, it barely makes the news anymore, unless it is somehow extraordinarily sensational.

The local paper no longer covers every mugging in the inner city. They don't mention when a corner store on the corner of 27th and Vliet St has an unruly customer causing mayhem. They don't report every beating, every bit of vandalism or any other "petty crime" which happens in the poorer areas of our community. Heck, I personally doubt that even most of them get reported to the police anymore.
With two guys from the same side in such stark disagreement, I'm not really sure who's correct. Any thoughts on who could serve as a tiebreaker?

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