Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clearing the Capitol won't get legislature back to work

Reports are that the Wisconsin Capitol will be cleared of protesters starting later this afternoon.  If this is in fact the case, I hope that it happens peacefully.  A violent or disruptive process at this point could overshadow a protest that has been remarkably civil. 

More importantly though, what does clearing the Capitol building accomplish at this point?  The short answer has to be nothing.

As long as the fourteen Senate Democrats remain in hiding, all fiscal legislation remains on hold.  Since we are in the midst of trying to address our current budget shortfall and have to put in place the next budget before July, 1, the flight of the fourteen amounts to shutting down the important work of Wisconsin's government.

Whatever happens this afternoon, it's important to remember that the missing Senate Democrats have silenced the voice of many voters who went to the polls last November and elected Governor Walker and GOP majorities in the legislature.


Dean Weichmann said...

Interesting that you seem to forget that half of the reason for the stalemate is that walker will not compromise.

Here is a link to Krugman that in turn has a link to the study you can't seem to find. EPI

Jeremy R. Shown said...

Dean - As I said previously, I found the study.

Why do you think this case is "Walker's refusal to compromise" when I suspect you considered GOP resistance to Obama's policies "obstructionism"?

Dean Weichmann said...

Jeremy, as I have tried to point out, both sides in a disagreement need to compromise. "HALF OF THE REASON." The Dems have nothing to lose since walker has taken an extreme position and will not compromise.

GOP resistance is/was obstructionism. So??? Dem resistance is too.