Sunday, March 20, 2011

The cognitive dissonance of Walker foes

Proud La Follette is waiting to publish law | Green Bay Press Gazette |
I am proud that Doug La Follette is refusing to immediately publish Gov. Scott Walker's extreme agenda....

La Follette is following the rules in government that have been established to protect our citizens. I support La Follette. I am so confused as to why Walker feels he has the power to do whatever he wants. We teach our children to play by the rules, and this man is an adult who isn't following them.

La Follette has shown true character by standing up to Gov. Walker's bullying. I would hope that he delays publishing as long as possible. La Follette should consider listening to the Wisconsinites who oppose this bill and never publish it....

Tammi Dernbach
To put a fine point on it, Ms. Dernbach is suggesting that the Secretary of State unilaterally decree what is or isn't law in Wisconsin through the publishing duty he has. I don't know which rules she is teaching her children to play by, but that is not how we make laws in this state.  In fact, I would argue the entire concept of American representative democracy is diametrically opposed to the model of a single man making law at will, as advocated in the letter.

For some time Americans have had a terrible fondness for imperial executives.  Citizens that opposed the budget repair bill think of Governor Walker as such a figure, I submit that setting up Doug La Follette as final arbiter of Wisconsin law would be nothing less than despotism. 

It would be humorous if it wasn't so sad and dangerous that citizens of Wisconsin can denounce Walker as tyrannical in one breath and in the next clamor for the Secretary of State to exercise unlimited power to decide what is law.  After all, is a tyrant who agrees with you on the right of public employees to collectively bargain any less tyrannical?

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