Sunday, April 10, 2011

The real pitch for the Senator Rob Cowles recall

In just the few moments it took for me to walk from my car to the polling place (East De Pere) and back again, I saw at least two people sign the recall petition for GOP Senator Rob Cowles. My wife reported the same thing when she went a little while later.  It is very possible that the recall effort will be successful and there will be enough signatures to force a recall election for Senator Cowles.

This is not what democracy looks like.  This is not even undoing the results of last November's elections, since the Democrats haven't bothered to run anyone against Cowles for a decade or so. 

The pitch to recall signers, and presumably recall election voters, centers on the Governor.  The real pitch, however, is this:  We Democrats couldn't bother opposing Senator Cowles at any of the regularly scheduled elections for years, but now we don't like the Governor so we need to remove the Senator through the use of a special election.  Oh and by the way, you are going to pay for the special election through your tax dollars. 

Sound ridiculous?  So is the effort to recall Cowles.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, this looks exactly like Democracy to me, if it was a dictatorship or a feudal state force would be the mode of action. It appears that you do not like the possible outcome so you denigrate the process.

Elections are rather cheap. At least the administration of them.

Anonymous said...

Our family has been writing Rob on various issues for months. Never a response, not even a confirmation that he received them. He is just as out of touch as the 14 who went to IL.

A lot of folks on the right are against career politicians. Well, here is your chance to make that change.

Go recall.

Jeremy R. Shown said...


I just want to underscore my point that if you don't like Cowles or think we can do better, the time to make that change is at the regularly scheduled elections.

No one has bothered to even challenge Cowles for years. I just don't see anything in his vote for the budget repair bill that makes a recall necessary or proper.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Cowles and other GOP senators are enablers of Governor Walker, a situation that did not exist at the time of the last election. It is perfectly legitimate for those who disagree with Walker's policies to demand accountability from those who are turning them into law for him. That is what Senator Cowles is doing.