Monday, April 4, 2011

Walker=Prosser, Vote Walker April 5th

If we are going to elect the judges to the state supreme court, I don't believe that their election should be a referendum on a governor, or, even worse, on one particular piece of legislation.  Wish in one hand as the old saying goes.

The situation in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race between David Prosser and JoAnne Kloppenburg cannot be described in any other way than as a referendum on Governor Walker and his budget repair bill.  Really, it's not even about the whole bill (how many people protested the proposed changes to Medicare?) but it is about the elimination of collective bargaining for public employees.  This is a  lousy litmus test for a supreme court judge, but this time around it is clearly the only one that matters.

Given this is the state of affairs in which we find ourselves, if you support the Governor's efforts to bring spending under control in Wisconsin, you should vote Prosser.

If you are uneasy about some allegations you heard in an attack ad about Prosser's handling of a child abuse case, watch this ad featuring one of the victims.  He asks that his case stop being misrepresented to try and score political points against Prosser.

Finally, if you truly are one of those independent and undecided voters, remember that Prosser has already served on the court for ten years.  Kloppenburg, by contrast, is an unknown.  Even some of those that support her recognize that it is opposition to Walker and to the collective bargaining law that are driving Kloppenburg's campaign.  Disagreement with the Governor or one of his legislative proposals is a terrible criterion for choosing someone to serve on the state's highest court for a ten year term.

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