Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brown County Dems know a little something about rubber stamps

Senator Rob Cowles (R-2nd) is one of the targets of the recall.  Today Rich Langan announced he would challenge Cowles in a recall election.  Langan is a former police officer and worked with former Democratic Representative Steve Kagen.

The Green Bay Press Gazette reports "Langan says he will run against Cowles, whom he calls a rubber stamp for Gov. Scott Walker."

The notion that any Democrat in Brown County would try to paint Cowles as a rubber stamp would be laughable if it wasn't so ridiculous.  Cowles has held his seat for over twenty years and it has been over ten years since the Democrats in this area have challenged Cowles.  At the very least that's an implicit rubber stamp for Cowles.

As I've said before this is not what democracy looks like, this is not even undoing the results of the last election.  This is the Democrats in this area waking up from a decade long nap and deciding it is time to field a candidate.  I've got news for them, the time to do that was at the regularly scheduled elections.

The Democrats of the 2nd Senate District have been courting apathy for so long they may crossed over into irrelevance.  I guess we will know for sure once the recall election takes place.

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