Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kagen Plays Hamlet

No, he's not really a prince, but Congressman Kagen does represent Denmark, WI, among other places. Like that famously indecisive character, Kagen seems to have everyone guessing as to how he is going to vote on health care.

In recent comments to a reporter, Kagen said he has argued that the current bill should be cut up into smaller pieces, and indicated that he doesn't trust the Senate.

I'm inclined to chalk the statement up to just another in Kagen's recent bouts of near-incoherence, but others argue this statement portends something larger.

Kevin at Lakeshore Laments says that, "When it's time for the vote, Kagen will be a solid "Yes."

National liberal blog FireDogLake is not so sure:
Having dealt with Steve Kagen in the past, I think there are as many outs in his statement as there were back in November. I’m not putting him in the count yet.
Folkbum is confused and angry:
WTF? Seriously? What is this about? His platform in 2006 was not "small bites," and it was a sight more progressive than the current versions of the reform package.
I honestly have no idea what Kagen will do. I have an incredibly hard time believing that a NO vote at this point would move undecided voters in WI-8 his direction, but that could just be my own narrow viewpoint.

One thing in Folkbum's post caught my eye:
Pretty much last on my list of possible Wisconsin defectors was Dr. Steve Kagen. Why? When the man courted my endorsement in 2006, he sat across a Starbucks table from me and asserted, flatly, that comprehensive health care reform was his top priority. It was his signature campaign issue. And he was an easy yes vote in the House last year.
Is that what it takes to get elected in WI-8, the endorsement of a Milwaukee blogger? Come to think of it, I can't name a single pro-Kagen blog here in N.E.W., but maybe my browser just doesn't get out enough.

If there are any pro-Kagen blogs, please make yourselves known. I'd be happy to add you to the blogroll. I'm all about equal time, I just hope Kagen's is up.

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