Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ron Paul on the War in Afghanistan

Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich recently sponsored a resolution in the House of Representatives to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan. While the resolution did not pass, Republican Ron Paul of Texas gave a spirited defense of the resolution.

During his speech, Paul noted that, "if people were concerned about the disastrous effect of debt on this country we would change our foreign policy and we would be safer for it." He went on to denounce the Afghan war in even stronger terms, calling it immoral and unconstitutional, but this question of spending on defense is one that Republicans must eventually confront if they are serious about tackling the nation's fiscal problems.

The overwhelming Republican opposition to the resolution is certainly evidence that we haven't yet reached that point.

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Dad29 said...


We all know that a President secures his re-election by getting into a war (by and large.)

Think Iran's a problem now? Wait until Obamamamamama declares war on them, late in 2011.