Friday, June 4, 2010

Chinese Birth Control

"When they eventually found out I had seven daughters, they tried to tear down our house, but fortunately I have good connections: my uncle is the head of the village," said Mr Fu. "They also wanted to fine me 600,000 yuan (£60,000). But I refused to pay them. Eventually they knocked down just a small part of my old house and I paid them 2,000 yuan," he added.

Mr Fu said that he knew several other people in his village who also had more than one child and that he had already encouraged his eldest daughter, who has recently born him a grandson, to continue to procreate. "I told her: no matter what the cost, she should have more kids," he said.

Emphasis on CONTROL.

Yet another reason we should be extremely skeptical of calls to emulate Chinese policies, be they economic or otherwise.

It is heartening to see there are some people willing to stand up for life, even at great personal cost.

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