Friday, June 4, 2010

WI-8: Ribble Endorsed by Physician's Group

From WisPolitics DC Wrap:
8th CD GOP candidate and Kaukauna roofing contractor Reid Ribble has won the endorsement of Appleton-based Physicians for Responsible Government.

Ribble's campaign touted that he received the endorsement of the 80-plus physicians in the group despite the presence of two doctors in the 8th CD race: Green Bay Republican and radiologist Marc Trager, and incumbent Dem U.S. Rep. and Appleton allergist Steve Kagen.
Jo Egelhoff at Fox Politics sums it up this way:
We have a real race going on here in northeast Wisconsin. I like to agree with those pundits that see Steve Kagen as in real trouble – and of course I believe the GOP needs to send up the best guy to defeat him.

Fact: As he tells us in every other sentence in his press releases, Steve Kagen is a M.D.
Fact: One of the five candidates in the GOP primary to run against Kagen, Mark Trager, is a M.D.

Fact: A group of more than 80 Northeastern Wisconsin physicians, frustrated as heck with their federal government, joined together to research, interview, select and most likely financially back the candidate they thought would best represent the views of common-sensical Americans in Washington.
With the primary only three months away and still clearly wide open, every piece of news like this helps.

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Anonymous said...

Jo's already endorsed rubble. Not really a credible source on this one I'd say. This seems like a bit of a show and I can't find anything on this group. Probably more going on here.