Friday, June 4, 2010

Scott Walker, Keynesian*

In an effort to jump start a sluggish economy, Walker took out a loan with the federal government through the "Build America Bond" program that condensed three years worth of construction work in a 16 month window.
That's blogger Aaron Rodriguez, a Scott Walker supporter, regaling us with Walker's belief in the stimulative power of government spending. With bloggers like these................

*I don't actually think Scott Walker is a Keynesian, and if he is the nominee I will support him. Mostly, I am just having a little fun at the expense of Arod. Who, I believe, left a comment that contained what I consider to be a cheap shot on a post of mine that was critical of Walker's response to the recent Neumann claims on his record. I make this disclaimer** so that I am not wrongfully accused of being part of a secret cabal with One Wisconsin Now to take down Scott Walker.

**If I had Illy-T's guts, I wouldn't have made this ridiculous disclaimer. I would have just stopped and let people figure it out for themselves. Even in my blogging I'm conservative. That's dedication.

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