Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Anti-Incumbency

Primary Voters Choose Candidates in Kansas, Missouri « S E N A T U S
Congressional Quarterly reports that “Rep. Roy Blunt (R) and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (D) cruised to easy Senate primary victories Tuesday in Missouri, contests that were mere formalities on the road to a November showdown between the state’s two modern political dynasties.”
Blunt and Carnahan may not technically be incumbents for the Senate, but as noted they represent "modern political dynasties."

The results are even more troubling when you realize that Blunt is a Republican, got 71% of the primary vote, and has a record that absolutely reeks of GOP business-as-usual.  Isn't there a tea party in Missouri?  This from the blog of a St. Louis "alternative weekly":
The tea baggers don't mince words when it comes to Roy Blunt.

Before yesterday's primary, a coalition of more than two dozen Missouri Tea Party
organizations called the longtime Republican congressman "a career
politician and Washington insider who has sold out his constituents for
special interest money" and "an abomination of everything we have been
standing up for." They said that they "do not endorse or even want Roy
Blunt for our next Senator."
I know some of us are convinced that there is widespread support for throwing all the bums out.  To which I can only say:  Show me.

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