Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WI-8 & The National Mood

Las Vegas donors betting on Terri McCormick in 8th District GOP primary | | Appleton Post Crescent
But McCormick’s camp sees her support from outside Wisconsin as an omen and a sign of her appeal to a national movement of tea partiers and libertarians who seek to dislodge members of Congress who, they say, have backed big government spending and a trampling of constitutional rights.

“Apparently, Terri agrees with them,” said John Feliz, a Sacramento-based consultant to the campaign. “She’s part of the liberty caucus. Money is all over the place right now, and they’re bundling just like EMILY’s List and others. This is a wave year, and candidates like McCormick are going to do better than expected.”
While Terri no doubt has some ardent supporters here in WI-8, I'm not at all convinced that the national mood is going to propel her to victory, "wave year" or not (whatever a wave year is).

Among those that are paying attention to the campaign at this point, this type of outside support seems to hurt rather than help a candidate.  Honestly though, I can't really tell how many people are paying attention at this point.  I believe all three of the remaining GOP candidates could use some sharpening up before the primary, since the six weeks between then and the election will be intense to say the least.

If you haven't been following the race for Wisconsin's 8th district before now, it's not too late.  Get started by clicking the link above and reading the whole article. 

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