Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If The Shoe Fits You Must Acquit

Ron Johnson has a new ad out highlighting the fact that a majority of the current U.S. Senators are lawyers, a fact which he thinks is part of the problem in the Senate. At the same time, many on the left are fond of pointing out how obstructionist the Senate is. You would think that these two facts taken together constitute a preponderance of the evidence in support of the idea that we need fewer lawyers in the Senate.

On the other hand correlation is not causality.

Regardless, I thought the ad was great and I'm willing to bet it will be effective. Illy-T offers a spirited defense, noting that many of our Founding Fathers were themselves lawyers. A great rhetorical tactic, but it ultimately comes up short in my book.

After all, we have a constitutional law professor for a President and yet the ACLU finds itself having to sue the government in order to stop the assassination of U.S. Citizens without any judicial oversight.

Here's the Johnson ad:

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Dad29 said...

many of our Founding Fathers were themselves lawyers

And many very gifted artists were drug abusers.

Is there a correlation here between lawyers and drug abusers?

Inquiring minds...