Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reid Ribble Counters Kagen's Attacks

GOP candidate for Wisconsin's 8th congressional district Reid Ribble launched a new feature on his website called The Kagen Lie Detector.

Steve Kagen's recent attack ad on Ribble's Social Security stance was so over the top it's nice to see Ribble fighting back. I thought this particular item was quite telling in relation to Kagen's charge about jobs being moved overseas:
Furthermore, if Congressman Kagen’s “Cap-and-Trade” bill became law (a bill he voted for and supports) it would make it harder for Wisconsin manufacturers to compete. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, “cap-and-trade” could results in as many as 56,000 manufacturing jobs lost in Wisconsin. In essence, Congressman Kagen’s vote would have made it easier for Chinese manufacturers to produce goods than manufacturers right here in the 8th District.

For more information about the economic impact of cap-and-trade on Wisconsin:

Check out The Kagen Lie Detector for yourself.

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