Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best of the Cheddarsphere 3/3/11

I think my google reader was actually smoking today.

The Recess Supervisor:
I'm all for opening the Capitol to protesters. But leave when the building closes and stop taping your s@#$ everywhere. Just hold your damn sign. Is it really that hard?
Illusory Tenant:
O! for the olden days,* when "judicial conservatives" purported to honor the plain text of the law, and counsel "restraint."
By the way, another of Warren's [as in Buffett] companies makes guaranteed-to-break oven cookstones. We oughta know, having returned THREE of them in 8 months.
Special second entry from Dad29 with reference to my favorite frequent commenter:
If Krugman's simple-minded education errors are a proxy for his economic "thought," then my pal Struppster is probably considering honorable suicide.

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