Thursday, March 3, 2011

Democracy Madison Style

This is what democracy looks like?

WITI-TV in Madison reports:
Before protesters stormed the capitol, the mayor of the city of Madison tried to pull a fast one. The governor's budget repair bill was on the fast track, and Madison Mayor Dave Ciesliewicz was racing against the clock to pass new union contracts first.

E-mails obtained by the FOX6 Investigators show that the mayor enlisted the help of State Senator Mark Miller. They both tried to convince the Secretary of State to hold up the bill by taking the maximum 10 days allowed by law before publishing the bill.

With friends like this in government, someone is going to have to remind me why, exactly, it is that public employees need collective bargaining.  The only party on the other side of this particular deal, the taxpayer, clearly didn't have a voice in the negotiation.  Perhaps that is no big deal in Madison, but the actions of some clearly have statewide implications.

Here is the mayor's chief of staff, Janet Piraino, in one of the emails:
Hey, have you guys given any thought to asking [Secretary of State] Doug LaFollette to take the maximum 10 days before publishing the bill??  We're trying to negotiate and settle contracts this week....

...(I know I'm getting ahead of myself and we're still working to stop the bill, but we need to put things in motion now in case it's approved on Walker's timeline.)
I would say Ms. Piriano is getting ahead of more than herself.  How about the fact that just a few short months ago voters of this sate elected a Republican governor and Republican legislature.  Since she's clearly not happy with the outcome she thinks it's a good idea to try and enlist the Secretary of State to delay implementation of a proposal she believes will become state law.

Got that, a chief of staff to one city's mayor saw fit to try and thwart the will of a majority of Wisconsin voters by scheming to obstruct the enactment of a law.  The Secretary of State apparently wouldn't play ball.  Ultimately it didn't matter due to the flight of the Senate Democrats to Illinois.

If the Governor's actions aren't suitable to a majority of voters then he will be shown the door at the next election.  That is the way democracy works.

I really don't think you have to be a wingnut to believe these emails provide a glimpse into the statist mindset.  Ms. Piraino clearly sees the battle as one between her Democratic colleagues inside Madison city government and the Governor himself.  I'm not sure if her vision even permits room for the average father of six from NE Wisconsin.

So to my friends on the left, you'll have to forgive me if I ask again:  This is what democracy looks like?


Dean Weichmann said...

Oh those evil city workers....

How about this view of walkermockracy in action;
Rep. Milroy (D-Superior) was tackled by police when he attempted to go inside the Capitol to get to his office. He said he was trying to get some things from his office. The officers tackled him and threw him to the ground.

Jeremy R. Shown said...


I'm not afraid to be critical of Walker when he does something wrong. I would challenge you to do the same with those on your side of the debate.

Dean Weichmann said...

I will certainly try Jeremy. I seems that perhaps each of us has to recognise it when it happens.