Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mike Tate Hearts Dave VanderLeest

OR:  How to make a WisDems press release:  Just add hominy.

DPW Chariman Mike Tate comes in for no small amount of abuse from the right, and from what I've seen most of it deserved.  Tate's not quite a Steve Kagen-esque gaffe generator, but he can bring the stupid with the best of them.

While many of us in NE WI are still scratching our heads over John Nygren's nearly inexplicable ability to get enough signatures to get on the ballot, the WisDems have wasted no time in attacking the only guy who had the wherewithal to get on the ballot, Dave VanderLeest.

WisDems communications director Graeme Zielinski has been all a-Twitter attacking VanderLeest today.  His insights, such as they are, range from the bizarre (does VanderLeest really have an affinity for a now defunct malt beverage Zima?) to the potentially slanderous when he describes VanderLeest as Governor Walker's "wife-beating lieutenant" (if only VanderLeest had retained Tom Foley, Esquire, as council, the certified mail would go out tomorrow).

In fact, Zielinski has been so prolific tonight, I can't help but wonder if it isn't easy to produce non-substantive juvenile attacks on one's political opponents:  Zielinski's Twitter profile says he is a former writer for The Onion, now I know why every WisDems press release headline sounds like a joke.

Oh it was really easy after all.


Anonymous said...

"gaffe", you say?

And it's "counsel", not "council".

Just an FYI.

Jeremy R. Shown said...

Anon - Thanks.

illusory tenant said...

Defamation and per se defamation are two very distinct concepts, by the way. Perhaps somebody could explain this to Kilkenny of Brookfield.